The weirdest scholarship you could ever get

Ok, so I stumbled upon the weirdest scholarship you could ever get… Did you know that you can get a scholarship for being a Star Trek fan!?! I know there are scholarships for those interested in history, or even scholarships for vegetarians… but I never thought I’d see the day when there is a something […]

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Scholarship Myths that stop most people…

I really want you to succeed in achieving your education goals! It’s not easy, but the investment in yourself and furthering your education is worth the reward so never give up on your dreams. Today, I wanted to briefly go over 4 Myths that prevent people from receiving any scholarships or education grants. Myth #1 […]

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Group of graduate students

Available education and grant scholarships

Heres the scoop on various education and grant scholarships that may be available to you. If you are thinking about pursuing a new career and going back to school but are afraid of the cost, you may be surprised to hear about many of the options that are available. I have compiled a free ebook […]

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