Why People Refuse To Pay Back Student Loans

If only the burden of repaying student loans could be as simple as taking them out. But the truth is: it’s a difficult process which millions of college grads must come to grips with. Unfortunately, many borrowers fail to manage their student loans successfully. Records show that of the $1.2 trillion student loan debt, about […]

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Ways to Recover From Your Defaulted Student Loan

The rising cases of unemployment is taking a toll on the new college graduates who are behind on their student debts. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that some 651,000 (or 13.7%) of the 4.7 million students who started paying back their student loans in 2011 defaulted before the end of 2013. Defaulting means […]

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The Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program

In 2013, Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO) released an analysis of 10 million credit files. They discovered that from 2005 to 2012 the average student debt load soared up from $17,233 to $27,253. According to Dr. Dr. Andrew Jennings, FICO’s chief analytics officer and head of FICO Labs, this is an unsustainable situation and it’s dragging […]

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